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20 Times People Really, Really Wished They Hadn’t Shopped Online

Buying stuff online is supposed to be easy and hassle free, but in truth it rarely is. It would be nice to think that shopping from the comfort of your own home will get you the very best goods every time. But I’d advise that you really need to be there in person to see what your purchases look like firsthand. I still have flashbacks to the time I spent almost £85 on an overcoat that I was assured would be small size. When it arrived it was clearly extra-large. I could have fit myself into the damn thing 100 times over, and surprise surprise, the vendor had a no return policy. I’d be scammed,

At the time I thought I was hard done by, but after taking a gander at the following examples of online-shopping disasters, I’ve concluded that I actually had a lucky escape – it could have been much worse. I could have ended up with something far more worthless. Scroll down to check out the people who literally got more than they bargained for.

1. This dude ordered tights and ended up with these

2. Not quite as cool as it was on the website

3. You can’t see the future in this I’m afraid

4. This guy ordered curtains that ended up looking like a skirt

5. Who would think this would work?

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