20 Things That TOTALLY Seem Legit

You guys, all of these things are totally legit. Honestly, they seem a little fishy but they are straight-up “The Real Deal”. Ignore that hunch telling you that something is off. It isn’t. Personally, I would take all of these people up on these offers because they are great deals! Here are some things we’ve vetted that seem legit:

1. This letter from her husband, Don

seems legit letter from husband

Don is just so forgetful.

2. This YouTube-trained tattoo artist

seems legit tattoo artist

Dammit, my boyfriend’s name is Steve!

3. This email from POTUS

seems legit email barack obama

He’s such a chill president.

4. This tunnel to paradise

seems legit tunnel to toys

Does anybody know where this is?

5. The French and Dutch translations on this coffee sleeve

seems legit french german translations

6. This Sour Cream

seems legit sour cream

7. This stop sign

seems legit stop sign

8. This license plate

seems legit license plate

I mean, it’s literally a license plate.

9. This BMW

seems legit bmw donkey

I bet it gets great mileage.

10. This dollar bill

seems legit dollar bill

11. This Lacoste shirt

seems legit lacoste shirt

A little preppy for my taste.

12. This five dollar grocery store “meat” offer

seems legit meat


13. This philosophy

seems legit this philosophy

14. This portal to Hogwarts

seems legit hogwarts

15. This mom

seems legit mom feeding baby

16. This Pikachu found on Pokémon Go

seems legit pokemon go pikachu

17. This signature

seems legit parents signature

18. This secret door

seems legit secret door

I bet it leads to a cool speakeasy or something.

19. This notice from Comcast

seems legit comcast letter

Actually this one might be fake. The grammar is too good to be Comcast.

20. This Steve Jobs

seems legit steve jobs

It’s actually the angel of Steve Jobs (notice the wings).

I don’t have a problem with any of these. Do you? Let me know on Twitter!

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