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20+ Mind-Blowing Facts That Nobody Tells You Will Happen During Your Pregnancy…

As a twenty-something year old woman, I’m happy to openly admit that the idea of having a baby terrifies me. And by this I include the pregnancy, the birth and next 18 plus years of raising a child through nappy changing, the terrible teenage years and paying for part of their wedding.

In all seriousness, the miracle of having a baby is a truly beautiful thing not to be underestimated. But what’s not so beautiful is when the baby urinates in your womb, when you grow a beard and when your feet become humungous and never go back to their original size. And that’s not even the half of what could happen when you get pregnant. Budding mothers, take a deep breath. We’re about to tell you the things that will happen to you during pregnancy that you seriously didn’t want to know…

1. You Might Be Pregnant For A Lot Longer Than Nine Months

When you first get pregnant, you think it will be a solid nine months of putting on weight, no alcohol and no smoking. But your whole world may be turned upside down when you realize that, while the typical gestation period is still nine months, just 4% of babies come into the world on the date they’re supposed to. In fact, the latest baby on record came a jaw-dropping 95 days after it was meant to, meaning that the mom would have been pregnant for over a year!

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