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20 Guys Recall The Exact Moment They Felt Like Men For The First Time

Growing up, I was always trying to prove that I was a man (or at the very least, masculine). I guess it’s a symptom of youth, but most teenage boys are desperate to age quicker than human biology will allow. Obviously now, I realise that wanting to grow old is foolish – but back then I’d have done anything to jump from 14 to 18 as quickly as possible.

Most young guys achieve this by sneaking alcohol underage or smoking. Others do drugs or even turn to crime to make themselves feel less like boys and more like men. Of course, being a man cannot be achieved by doing anything as vain and meaningless as swigging a beer. After all, any idiot can have sex or smoke weed. Being a man takes an act far more substantial and with far more meaning behind it.

Thankfully, our friends over at Whisper have collated a list of confessions from guys who revealed the exact moment they first felt like a man – and it makes for very interesting reading.






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