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20+ Celebrities That Will Floor You With Their Beautifully Perfect Smiles…

You’re never fully armed without a perfect smile! It’s true, these celebs totally use their striking smiles to their advantage. What better way is there to show off your regularly whitened and artificially perfect teeth than to beam from ear to ear? It definitely beats the moody look that celebs like Kristen Stewart and Victoria Beckham have going on.

Smiles not only make you look good, but they also release endorphins, the kind of hormones that make you feel a million dollars! And where does being moody get you? Typecast into roles as moody, alternative people and a non-singing role in a popular girlband (sorry Posh Spice). So, meet the stars with the friendliest of faces and the sweetest of smiles in the whole of show business.

1. Taylor Swift

A Swiftie dies every time Taylor flashes those pearly whites… in a good way of course. Taylor Swift is, in my humble opinion, one of the most drop-dead gorgeous women on the planet. But, of course, not every stunning woman wields an equally stunning killer smile. Taylor is one of the lucky ones! She’s tall and slender with the cutest face you’ve ever seen. Part of what makes her face so beautiful is that infectious smile of hers. When she smiles, she definitely commits – It’s never half-hearted. Even when she is smiling a closed-mouth smile, there is still a lot of heart in it – you can see it in the eyes!

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