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20 Anonymous People Talk About How They First Discovered Their Sexual Fetish

Life is long and the act of sex is a fun but fairly simple one. (Spoiler alert: penis goes into vagina; repeat as necessary.) That means there’s plenty of room for experimentation and variation. Result: Everybody’s got their something, their one extra little treat they like to do or have done to them in the bedroom. These are sometimes called fetishes, and there are literally millions of them. Some people got on Reddit to bravely and semi-anonymously tell the world what they’re into, and how exactly they figured out that that’s what they were into.

1. DunderMifflinPenPal was once bitten, not shy.

I love being bitten. No, it isn’t a vampire thing. He just did it in the heat of the moment and ever since it happened, I have been absolutely crazy about it! I’d take my bra off and see/feel bruised teeth marks for days afterwards. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving; a reminder of the throes of passion.  

2. bi-pornaccount knows under-wear it’s at.

Girlfriend at the time left for an early meeting one morning. I didn’t get back to sleep, so I bummed around, eventually I tried on her panties… and there was only one way to get my boner down from that point.Now girlfriend-less, I still love wearing panties and have some other lingerie too.

3. Correct_MyEnglishPls is toeing the line.

Getting a footjob. I assume it’s because the very first time a girl touched my penis was actually with her feet.

4. CDNblondie wants to milk it for all its worth.

The thought of my SO sucking milk out of my breasts. I know how fucked it sounds since it’s a mother/child thing but for some reason it really turns me on. (I am not lactating btw, never have) When he sucks my nipples during sexy time my eyes get all criss cross feeling and my whole body just gets super horny. The thought of milk coming out and him drinking it makes it even hotter.

5. iaccidentallyawesome wants the fish and the chips, if you know what we mean.

Englishmen. I found out when I visited London and lived in a constant state of arousal.

6. Elacular will leave you gasping for breath.

Hmmmm…I don’t remember the first time I found out I was into it, mainly because I’m pretty sure I was born with mine. I get super turned on by hiccups. To the point where it’s a fetish as defined by somewhat dubious science (meaning, it’s something I just can’t cum without it being involved somehow). Everything about them just drives me crazy. The embarrassed little giggle after loud ones, the way the neck caves in, seeing the chest jerk and their whole body lift up if they’re upright, or seeing them rock back with the force…And oh lord, bellies! Bellies with hiccups are just…nnngh. The way a person’s belly moves when they hiccup, especially if the hiccups are really strong and they’re laying down. Just seeing the way it bounces, or seeing the motion roll through their whole torso…or if they’re strong enough, seeing them lift their whole body off wherever they’re lying…oooohhhhhhlord. My biggest fantasy is to straddle someone’s belly while they’re hiccuping, maybe with a dildo in one or both holes, and just press my clit to their stomach and fffffeeel it.What took me longer wasn’t to realize that I had a thing for hiccups, but to figure out what the hell that “thing” was. I grew up in a conservative catholic household where I didn’t know what a dick was until I was 14. So it took me an embarrassingly long time to understand why I didn’t want anyone to know what I was googling.

7. Congrats to snooper_sand_legend, who is going to be a daddy!

Just the other day, actually. Girlfriend was over and we were messing around, trying to creep each other out by being generally weird and gross, the usual. She decided to whisper “fuck me daddy” in a slightly higher pitch than her normal voice in my ear to really creep me out.Nope, instant hard-on.One intense pounding later and we’ve both accepted that daddy/daughter is going to be a regular thing with us and that we are probably human trash and we’re both more than okay with that.

8. monksarehunks is here to help spread the magic of reading.

Reading as a kid. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I felt weird and excited when I read certain genres of stories. Ended up narrowing it down to nonconsent/reluctance (like being blackmailed into having sex). Also didn’t know girls even could masturbate so I just scooted back and forth in my chair a lot, lol.

9. Sex is the pits for snarky_cat.

My then gf was riding me while her hands are up holding her hair up.. That’s when I found out that I love armpits.. Those damn sexy sweaty hairless armpits.

10. coquio would like you to throw your legs in the air. Like you just don’t care.

Legs in the air. It’s my thing. I told my girlfriend and she got me a giant mirror that now sits on top on my dresser so now I can always look at her legs as they dangle while I fuck her. I know this is relatively mild, but on the other hand, my girlfriend likes to be tied up, so I tie her up.

11. If loving MILFs is wrong, plax1780 doesn’t want to be right.

Was in swimming pool when I lived at home about 16 years old and saw 40 year old neighbor bending over tending to her garden. That started my MILF addiction!

12. Rivuzu believes in the power of a little tough love.

Being rough with my partner. General control things. Denying orgasms and/or making them work to earn it.And it makes me feel shitty most of the time, but it’s the only thing that gets me interested these days. Had a few partners who allowed me to indulge early on, and I’ve never been the same since.

13. Throwawayjay1776 has to take his clothes off to have a good time.

Public nudity. I grew up not to far from a large area of woods with a creek running through it. There were some hikers and fishing but not a lot since it was a pretty rural area. When I was 11 or so, I’d ride my bike there and took my clothes off. I’d leave them in a pile and stand there. Eventually I’d get farther and farther away from them. It felt amazing. Air hitting you everywhere. Had some awkward run ins, but nothing scary. Yeah, being outside naked is a turn on.Ok, but for the adults finding a naked child in the woods, that would cause sheer panic.

14. 73508 can take it but she won’t dish it out.

Important: am lesbianSo there are these creatures called pillow princesses. Its basically (straight)girls who love getting head from lesbians but will never give anything in return. Most lesbians hate them. However, something about pleasuring a girl just because I want to make her feel good and not because I want something in return just…idk, I love it. Its not a control thing though, I’ve tried submission, don’t like it one bit. Its more like a “doing something nice” fetish? Idk. Anywho, happy to serve, ladiesEdit: just for clarification, I am not a butch, I’m about as femme as it gets, so this isn’t a lack-of-sex-anyways thing

15. penguinoscun doesn’t mind the mess, not one bit.

Cumshots. I used to think that guys should only cum into a condom or into my mouth after oral. Quick clean up, right? But a few months ago my friend and I were fooling around and he asked if he could finish on me and I thought hell, why not. I now know what I’ve been missing. I don’t know what it is either, something about having that mess on my body makes me feel dirty and I like it.

16. SEND_DICKPICS has a blanket solution.

I love “subtle” sexytime. When my first boyfriend and I were together, we were chilling at his house watching a movie on the sofa under a blanket. His dad comes in and watches with us, and they start just chatting normally, and I feel his hand start to wander up my thigh. For about 20 minutes he’s getting me off with his finger while his dad’s sitting about 6 feet away. Having to keep biting my lip to try and keep quiet was so tough but so hot.

17. And it’s also where the friends of ColorMeStunned figured out what they were into.

After college, my BF and I took a trip to Disney with some friends to celebrate. Being poor, we all shared two double beds in the same room.

The sex we had the first night while the other two were asleep like three feet away was so incredibly hot.

18. You can call MyShamefulShit “Al Bundy” because he loves a good peg.

Pegging. All it took was a girl and her pinky once, and it was all downhill from there.

19. Doctor tdasnowman will see you now.

Pussy, as a kid I never went through that girls are gross stage never understood why the other boys didn’t like spending time with girls. But yea, pussy I love the look of it, way each one is different, the taste. Lips I love them all innies, outies, really pronounced labia give it to me.Puffy pussy OMG! When I say your not going to see my face for an hour I mean it. When it started, playing doctor as a little kid showed a friend mine but when she showed me hers my only thought was man that looks fun to play with.

20. What’s JanieMaeCrawford into? This article, you guys.

Fyi: I’m a 26 yo female at the mechanics

I just discovered while reading this thread that my kink is reading about how others like to get off. Im literally throbbing right now. And I like reading them in an inappropriate place filled with men.

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