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20+ Animals You Never Knew Could Detect Diseases, Danger And Disasters

Aren’t animals simply astonishing? And, no, I’m not talking about how cute that teacup pig calendar you’ve got on your wall is, or how quickly you potty-trained your new puppy. Instead I’m talking about the phenomenal talents animals have.

The dazzling selection of creatures we share the planet with have an array of breath-taking abilities and senses we’re barely starting to understand. In fact, many of them could be our saving graces when it comes to disease, danger and disaster. Desperate to know how? Follow me…

1. Rats Can Smell Out Bombs!

They’re considered by many to be vermin or pests, but rats can do one very important thing that you can’t. Amazingly they can be trained to locate bombs and landmines that are scattered underneath the ground! But that’s not all, the African pouched rat can detect tuberculosis in saliva more efficiently than some laboratory tests. Pretty cool, huh?

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