19 Times People Didn't Know What to Do With Their Hands

Why is life so awkward? You have these hands, but, like, WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THEM? Hold them out in front of you? Put them on your face? Curl them into deformed balls? Yes, definitely the last one. Now no one will suspect that inside you’re dying of embarrassment, because you look so calm, cool and collected! Success! Here are a bunch of people who also have no idea what to do with their hands:


This Kentucky Wildcats fan

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel

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The Rock

A photo posted by Masi Popal (@masipopal) on Dec 15, 2015 at 8:37am PST


Harrison Ford

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Babe Ruth

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Will Ferrell when he meets the president

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Babies in general

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This gentleman

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This Tough Mudder

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These Illinois Fighting Illini fans

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This politician



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Brendan Fraser

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Obama and Castro

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The Bungie Team During their PlayStation 4 Conference Announcement

Bungie’s reaction to the “We have no idea what to do with our hands” pic.


This dog

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Rebecca Black’s background dancer

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Ted Cruz

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People getting their portraits taken

Who do you think was the worst at knowing what to do with their hands? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!



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