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19 People Share The Most Savage Ways They’ve Been Rejected

Rejection is one of the most powerful emotional wounds we face in our daily life. While it’s one thing to go for a high-five with nobody to high-five you back, it’s drastically another when you go the extra mile to tell that someone how you really feel and receive the crushing devastation of rejection in return. No matter how big or small, we’re left in a vulnerable position that always hurts, and usually hurts more than we expected.

What fun is rejection unless it’s devastating and more importantly, not happening to you? These feelings of second-hand anguish and embarrassment could only be documented on the Internet, specifically the multiple confessional AskReddit threads dedicated to such matters of the heart.

1. Ouch, TheGreenAbe.

“I shit you not, she said ‘Oh I have to mow the lawn.’ It was a Friday night.”

2. Ok, valid question, though, Wilksdog.

“Asked a girl to a dance in highschool. ‘What if I have a boyfriend by then?’”

3. While unfortunate for Urgullibl‘s friend, this woman’s response deserves some sort of award.

“Back in college, which was longer ago than I care to admit, I was backpacking through Sweden with a friend. He was quite enthralled with Swedish women and constantly trying to hit on them. One day, he asked one: ‘Excuse me, do you speak English?’, and she answered ‘not today’ and kept walking.”

4. How did she know, Leporad?

“‘I don’t really go out with people with small dicks.’ She’s never seen my penis.. how did she know?  

5. Joesdad65 was betrayed by his own dad, ironically enough.

“‘Is this a joke?’ was the reply when I called a classmate to ask her to a seventh grade dance. My dad had encouraged me to call her, saying the worst thing she could say was no. He was wrong.”

6.  Oldest one in the book, LooseStuul.

“Sorry, I don’t speak English” – said in perfect english, with a Canadian accent.

7. This poor, poor, girl, who has never met a Brandon she didn’t dislike.

“Edit: I’m a girl, btw.

5th grade science class I get out my gel pens and carefully write my note to the cutest guy in class. I finished and took one last look down at my note; ‘Do you like me? Yes or No’. At the bottom I made check boxes for yes and no.

Not only did that fucker check ‘no’, he also wrote ‘no’ and circled no in my sentence. I’ve never trusted a Brandon since.”

8. Someone should fire Snackburros‘ first grade teacher.

“In first grade I told some girl I liked her and we should go on a date. Somehow my god damn 1st grade teacher relentlessly made fun of me for it and the whole class did too. That fucked me up for a bit.”

9. Classic, Papazander. Classic.

“Oh…. I thought you were gay.”

10. Yeah, RubberDong, I’d say that counts.

“She called me crying telling me to go over to her country to see her so I flew all the way there and she never answered the phone. Still counts?”

11. Fellas, take note: Cananbaum shares a great way to secure a black eye or two.

“My sister I guess hooked up with a classmate a few times and says they got along very well, sometimes coming over to hookup and never getting the chance because they would get so lost in conversation.

So she asks him one day saying, ‘Hey we get along well and I think you’re pretty attractive, maybe we can go on date?’

Without a beat the guy looks to her and says, ‘Listen, I’ll have sex with you, but I can’t be seen in public with you.’

She claims she clocked the guy and never spoke to him again.”

12. Both excuses seem equally suspect, LanceWindmil.

“‘I have to get my birds feathers clipped that day’ seemed a little ridiculous, but I don’t know enough about birds to be sure. My sister apparently once used ‘Sorry, I’m going to be sick that day.’” 

Straight savage.

13. Well, SirApotosaurus, at least she wasted no time.

“No answer. Just turned and ran away immediately.”

14. Some of the worst things about some girls are their friends, as StableMatch knows all too well:

“I was talking to a girl who was out with her friends. I guess I didn’t realize she wasn’t into it, one of her friend chimed in and was like ‘Why are you still talking to her? Look at her and look at yourself. Do you really think she’d be interested in you?’ The girl I was talking with just laughed at how mean her friend was being to me.”

15. Dear OriginalAntigenicSin, this level of ghastliness speaks for itself.

“My friend asked a girl out in high school. He struggled with body image and general low self-esteem. We were nearing the end of grade 11 and we advised him to at least try, and that we’d be there in case he wanted to back out (not so we’d push him, but so we could help him leave as fast as possible). Our only stipulation was he had to talk to her for a whole minute. About anything.

He walks up to her, she smiles, he says something and she actually listens. It’s going really well. And then we hear him actually manage to ask her out.

Apparently a witch lived behind that smile, because what she said next reeked of incomparable evil.

‘Why should I go out with you? I see you killing yourself sometime soon and I don’t want to deal with all that drama.’”

Some kind of snarky comment.

16. HallAndCoats still hasn’t forgotten…

“‘No, I think you’re ugly.’ kindergarten hurts my friends.

17. Reading MattBarnthouse‘s rejection sort of hurt my soul.

“I don’t know if this qualifies as complete rejection….but a girl left me in the middle of a date with no explanation. It was my first date in around 18 months. As somebody that struggles with social anxiety… Even going on the date was a huge step.

Just kinda hurts that the person doesn’t even think you’re valuable enough to say ‘I’m not enjoying this date, I’m going home.’

I can handle rejection. It’s the lack of respect that hurts.”

18. That shit hurts always actually, Guigoudelapoigne.

“When I was like 14, I asked a girl to go out with me. Here is what she said : ‘But…you know you are ugly? Don’t you..?’

I mean, you don’t have to say that, you can just say ‘no’. Why do you add more? This is just cruel.

That shit hurts when you’re a teen.”

Some more snarky commentary.

19. Maybe saddest of all is Chroncraft‘s melancholy story of betrayal and heartbreak.

“When I was 15 there was a girl I had a crush on who worked at Dairy Queen near my house. I would go in and buy Blizzards every week just to see her but never made any attempt to ask her out because I was shy. She knew I had a crush on her, most likely because I couldn’t stop blushing when I would go in.

I was always considered cute by the girls at school but never really had any courage to make moves. My best friend at the time was taller, lankier and a complete chodebag. He had some of the worst acne I had ever seen but always seemed to have luck with the ladies, probably because he was confident.

Fast forward a year, him and I are drinking at a party. Suddenly the door opens and a girl walks in. It’s the girl from Dairy Queen. We all get to talking and drinks are being had, flirting is going on. I ask her if she wants to come to the bedroom to ‘hang out.’ My friend overhears this and chimes in: ‘or would you like to come with ME to the bedroom to hang out?’

She stands up, looks at the two of us and walks over to my friend, takes his hand and leads him to the bedroom.

I can’t even begin to describe how low my heart sunk that day.”

What do you think?


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