18 Times Celebrities Savagely Slayed Each Other In The Last Few Decades

Celebrities. Those paradigms of all things pure, unadulterated and beautiful to which the rest of us mere mortals may aspire only in the knowledge that we are hapless and doomed to failure.

It can be tempting to view the polished world of celebrity thus; forgetting that at times it can be a vapid pursuit for those with little discernible talent. By and large, though, those in the coruscating heat of the limelight are there for a reason; be it prodigious acting talent or angelic vocal chords. Perhaps part of our occasional resentment toward the world of celebrity is born out of the knowledge that they tend to forge relationships with their glittering contemporaries, casting us dull normal people aside without so much as a backward glance. Part of the fun of that, however, is that we all get to gawp on in ill-concealed when said relationships go explosively and spectacularly wrong. In honour of such heady times, we have put together a list of celebrity on celebrity savagery that will have you giggling with glee or cringing in horror.

1. Taylor Swift on Joe Jonas 

2. Nicki Minaj on Iggy Azalea 

3. When Taylor Swift couldn’t be bothered with Justin Bieber talk

4. Miley Cyrus savaged Ed Sheeran and John Mayer in one sentence

5. Aretha Franklin on Taylor Swift

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