18 Posts That Are Too Pure for This World

It all started with an Onion article titled “Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure“. But what makes an internet post pure? An absence of cynicism. A lack of sexual innuendo. An innocence of spirit. It will bring you back to those early days of childhood before you knew how f-ed up the world is. (Seriously, though — WTF world?!) Here are some things that are too pure for this world:

1. Joe Biden

2. This grandma playing Pokémon Go

3. Leo excited for his Girl Scout cookies

4. This Golden

5. The baby with puppies

6. This apple

7. This cockatoo

8. Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac

9. Pokémon Go + Dog Shelters

10. These brothers

11. Simone Manuel

12. This family

13. This boy training his dog

14. The comments on this post

15. These dogs

17. These snuggle buds

17. This moment of joy

18. The Penguin Purse

Which post was the most pure? Let me know on Twitter!

Richelle Meiss
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