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17 seemingly innocent phrases that are actually terrifying

Words are an extremely powerful too. They have the ability to drastically alter a life and capture the attention of an entire room. Even the most seemingly innocent words can even inspire fear in those who hear them.

That being said, Twitter is overflowing with responses to the hashtag #InnocentPhrasesThatScareMe and the responses will make you surprisingly uneasy.

1. This terrifying announcement.

2. This loaded question.

3. This ominous warning.

4. This nightmarish activity.

5. This statement no one ever wants to hear.

6. The beginning of the end.

7. This make it or break it scenario.

8. This real life horror film.

9. This anxiety inducing sentence.

10. This blast from the past.

11. This preemptive trap.

12. This moment of panic

13. This dangerous wager.

14. This defining judgement.

15. This life-changing question.

16. This expensive question.

17. And the worst sentence ever spoken.

What do you think?


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