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17 People Who Got Called Out For Their Lies On Social Media

From Kim Kardashian to that weird kid who ate live ants directly from a tree back in school, the internet is a place for us all to exist peacefully side by side. Or at least, that’s what it would be like if a certain selection of utterly terrible people were banished from the net forever. Because no matter how much you’d like to believe in humanity, there’s always that select group of people who will always let you down with their inability to tell the truth online.

Sometimes, these utterly horrible liars find themselves getting called out for the entire world to see, and it’s weirdly amazing to watch. So if you’d like a front row seat at Facebook drama arena, look no further than the following list.

1. Tubby Custard inc.?

2. How did anyone believe this?

3. Morphine > Saline

4. A black and white filter does not disguise the fakery

5. If you were really having fun, would you be on social media?

6. The stupidity is strong with this one

7. His muscles swallowed his belly button?

8. “Working hard”

9. Nuuuuutella

10. He doesn’t drink and he doesn’t know things

11. When your copy and paste skills need some work

12. Someone’s getting kissed…

13. Honesty is the best policy


15. Owned

16. I’m not sure

17. The classic via mobile clue

OK, so that little window into humanity was a probably a little too enlightening for most of us. However, if that wasn’t quite enough Facebook-related horror for one day, you should probably check out these 17 cringe-worthy people who need to get off the internet immediately.

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