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17 People Revealed Outrageous Things Their Exes Did After Breaking Up

One can only hope for breakups to end with people taking the high road. But unfortunately, being young, dumb and brokenhearted can make people do some crazy things. From stupid revenge to serious restraining order situations, reading these Redditor stories might make you appreciate your exes.

1. Thymeconsuming’s ex turned old memories into a messed up situation.

He took all of the old love letters I had written him and cut them up and arranged words to make a desperate note to me, ransom note style, then showed up at my work to hand deliver it. Waited outside my whole shift to make sure I left alone.

2. TheMeatMenace’s ex focused on clothing.

Stole my shoes so I couldn’t get on the plane.

3. Cookbook54‘s ex broke and entered.

He broke into my house, twice. The first time I was home, but he regretted breaking in and snuck out before I found out he was in the house. The second time, his friends got him out of my house before I got home. He then refused to get in the car with them after they got him out of my house and he began wandering around my neighborhood. My neighbors ended up calling the cops on him because ironically enough, “he had a crazy look in his eye.”

4. Kingsss’ ex literally left his locks.

Cut off his long hair and left it tied to a bouquet of flowers on my front door.

5. Davidjhyatt’s ex took it out on furniture.

Stabbed my couch, every cushion.. But, only one side so I flipped it all over after she left.

6. DylPickle32’s mom saved the day.

Pretended to kill herself, then when I didn’t believe her she drove by my house and put candy and soda in my mailbox, then burst through my door crying and stood there.

My mom told me to leave through the backdoor and she’d handle it.

You the real MVP mom

7. MarloBarksdale‘s ex thought naked photos would do the trick.

She sent nude pictures of me to my family members, friends, and co-workers.

I was 25 and in good shape back then so I wasn’t embarrassed at all. Everyone had a good attitude about, I ended up with a lot of compliments, even from my boss.

It didn’t work out the way she thought it would.

8. Dischucker was basically in a Jerry Springer episode.

He smashed our wedding photo after I broke up with him after finding out he cheated on me with several prostitutes. Less than 2 weeks later he moved on with another lady. We had been together 9 years.

9. Omoshiroimidori’s ex is a pretty terrible human.

Refuse to give back pictures from my moms funeral. It was the first time my Family had been together in more than a decade.

10. Sarbot88’s ex was literally a dick.

He spray painted a penis on my car because I confronted him about his multiple other ladies.

11. Oceansparkmick’s creative work was destroyed.

He read all my diaries and burned them. I had left them in our storage locker. For months and months I was freaking out because I couldn’t find my 20 years worth of writing. I got a picture of a fire pit and text after text of stuff I had done and written about.

12. ChickenIsGold’s ex was persistently terrible.

After I blocked his number, he bought about 100 prepaid SIM cards so he could try to contact me (i kept blocking every single one of them). Every week he would sit in his car at night and watch my house. This went on for about 4 years,even after he got married and had a daughter.

13. Bootychug couldn’t drive anywhere.

After I moved out, he found my apartment and stole the battery out of my car so I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. We lived in a super small town, so he didn’t have to look very far, unfortunately.

14. The_hesitation sounded like he was dating a toddler.

She threw a temper tantrum in the middle of a grocery store, sitting down and slamming the back of her head against a glass door in the frozen food section.

15. Lumpyalien’s ex took a road trip.

Six months after we broke up, quite amicable I thought, She drove for three hours cross country to return an old t shirt of mine. That when we lived together we used as general cleaning rag. Appeared out of the blue, then just turned around and left again. I asked if she wanted coffee, or something else, no she just wanted to return that. She left again. But she spent 6 hours driving to return a soiled rag….still to this day, 7 years later I am baffled.

16. NecroCorey’s ex did something incredibly illegal.

Oh look. I can post my crazy ex story.

So, my ex was deaf. She moved in with me when we were still teenagers because her mom kicked her out.

Well, I ended up getting tired of her (I know what an asshole, I have my own issues) and told her we had to break up. Obviously I let her stay there until she found somewhere to go though.

Well one day she was like you want me to make you some food? And I, not expecting to die from it, was like yeah sounds good. She put her ear medicine in the food and poisoned me and rolled out.

I spent 2 weeks or so bedridden and legit thought I was going to die. The craziest part is she was super normal before that happened. Like. She was clingy but that’s not a big deal. I actually like that in girls since I’m so insecure already.

17. Redditttor1’s ex chose a different way to graffiti feelings.

She broke into my house and spray painted some really nice words on the wall. Then she took whatever was hers at my place and trampled my room that I had just tidied up a day ago. 

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