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17 Extreme Examples of Censorship in the Middle East 

From the ages of 12 to 18, I lived my life in the Middle East; going to school in the country of Qatar. Although Qatar is a country with a wholly different culture, my childhood was fairly normal; I struggled with grades, hung out with my friends, got into some close scrapes with the law… it was your average teenage existence. Since most people there were expatriates coming in from other countries, a lot of my teenage experiences were fairly Westernised.

At the mall, I could go to the arcade, I occasionally got drunk with my friends in the backyard, but every now and again, my friends and I would come across a Western export that had been slightly adjusted for a Muslim audience. The practice of censorship was less pronounced there than in, say, Saudi Arabia, but below are a few examples of how the Western world looks different growing up in a Muslim country. Did the authorities in censorship go too far?

1. Giving Lady Gaga a skirt

2. What a fluffy kitty!

3. Christina Aguilera gets a bigger flower in the Middle East

4. Shakira also benefits from some more shrubbery in her album cover here

5. Come As You Are (as long as you have underwear on)

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