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16 People Shared Their Go-To Pranks That Won’t Break The Bank

April Fools is parallel with Valentine’s Day for being one of the most loved and hated days of the year. And although some might take it a little too far, others are quite harmless with their sneaky schemes. So if you’re looking to be the prankster rather than the target, these Redditors have your back.

Here is a list of practical jokes that require little budget and a lot of surprises. Because let’s face it, laughing at others is much more fun than getting laughed at.

1. Newnrthnhorizon uses a classic donut move.

Get a Krispy Kreme box and fill it with vegetables. Leave it closed in the office kitchen, and when people open it, they will think it’s mildly amusing.

2. SleepyLoner might actually be evil.

I coated hotdogs in chocolate and told everyone they were marshmallows.

3. You’ll turn bright red if LifeOnHardMode’s prank happens to you.

Create a “Porn” folder on their computer.

Take a screenshot.

Set the screenshot as a wallpaper.

Delete the “Porn” folder.

4. To everyone who hates their boss, Fearnall has an idea.

Print out a sample letter of resignation with the name of your company filled out and whatnot, but don’t put any sort of name on it, then leave it on your boss’ desk

5. Robberttw is a mini hacker.

I live in a student dorm and I am the only one with access to the router. I will block all porn sites known to man/woman/apache and then wait and say nothing until someone asks about it.

6. ArtOfFailure teams up with his sister, every year.

Every April fools, I wake my dad up at 5am to tell him there’s an enormous spider in my room and I need him to come and remove it for me. There is no spider. Then about half an hour later, once he’s gone back to bed feeling angry and confused, my sister does the same thing again. We’ve been doing this since we were 10 and 7 years old.

My sister and I are now both in our 20s, and we haven’t lived with our father for over a decade. But we still phone him on April fool’s day to do it anyway, he never remembers, and he’s always furious. Twice.

7. If you want to plan your day confusing people, Jprince3434 knows what to do.

I walk up to people, calmly get their attention, and say “Excuse me, I think you dropped your pocket.”

8. Chiquitalegs is a madman.

Substitute toothpaste for the cream inside of Oreos.

9. It’s all a mind game with St4rfl4ke’s idea.

I’m planning on coming into work tomorrow with a box of krispy cremes. Just gonna write “Happy April Fools ;)” on the inside of the lid. Not gonna do anything to them, but looking forward to seeing if anyone takes any.

10. TheSAVAGEHipHop‘s mom is sly.

My mother once switched out our vanilla ice cream with frozen mashed potatoes.

11. Door handles are the target for Mix_Master_Floppy.

Vaseline on my roommates doorknob. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I also work 3rd shift, so I’m usually home and awake when all of my friends are at work. So I pretty much get free reign over their houses if they don’t lock their doors.

12. Dobbs47 carries on a family tradition.

My go to prank is to replace the sugar in the sugar bowl with salt. I’ve done it to my mother off and on for about 18 years now. I learned it from my grandmother when I was 10, bless her soul. On a related note my grandmother’s birthday was April 1st and she spent every birthday of her 80+ years on this planet pranking my family.

13. If you want to confuse the hell out of your friends, try NinjaChemist’s idea.

Put notes on friends car saying, “Sorry for the damage but I don’t have insurance, hope it isn’t too bad”

14. Bigsz is down to mess with your tastebuds.

A bowl of M&Ms with just enough Skittles mixed in.

15. Gezzaka will have people thinking he is the idiot but really, it’s them.

Buy a coffee. Drink it or dump it out. Place it on the roof of your car and put one magnet inside the cup and another on the ceiling of your car. People will frantically try to get your attention to tell you that you left coffee on the roof. Pretend you don’t understand them or they don’t exist.

16. Egnards has a harmful, yet funny plan.

I bought 100 lawn flamingos this year for $1 each and will be setting them all up around my apartment complex tonight.

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