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16 Disney-Inspired Product Fails That Are Hilariously Concerning

Have you ever seen an item for sale and thought, who let this happen? I’m talking about product fails that are so bad, it’ll make you feel embarrassed for the distributor. While some of these might be one-off glitches, others clearly aren’t.

And for the planned product failures, we have some questions. Like who were the people who actually approved these items to be made? And furthermore, what stores saw them and thought “yes, these are money-making ideas?” Think about it, multiple people had to sign off and believe that producing such items were actually great thoughts. So check out these terribly hilarious Disney-inspired items that actually graced toy store locations near you.

1. Tinker Bell turned evil.

2. Belle (Emma Watson) or Justin Bieber?

3. An unrecognizable Disney Princess.

4. Pretty sure Donald Duck’s head is in the wrong direction.

5. Ariel… with a plastic surgery?

6. And lip injections?

7. Cant unsee these Star Wars toys.

8. Seriously though?

9. Winnie the Pooh or upside down face fail?

10. This shouldn’t be a kid’s sippy cup.

11. Neither should this.

12. “Elsa looks like she ran face first into a sheet of ice.” – Jennluallen

13. Frozen cone maker or terribly done dildo?

14. Bad snow cone placement.

15. No, just no.

16. I’ll never look at Cinderella the same.

What do you think?


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