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15 Waiters And Waitresses Dish On Their Worst Customer Experiences

Working in the service industry requires a special kind of patience. After several years of waiting tables, bartending, and hostessing I’ve had my fair share of rather difficult and frustrating customers.

However, none of my experiences could ever compare to these Redditors who’ve encountered quite possibly the worst human beings on the planet.

1. crocoducktaco had a traumatizing encounter with some poached eggs.

Once, when I was working at this insanely popular breakfast joint, my first table of the morning was a seemingly adorable old couple. After going through our specials, at their request, she ordered the duck hash special, and he ordered 2 boring poached eggs on toast. All good. I bring them their food and the guy starts freaking out. You see, I didn’t bring him a tablespoon for his eggs. Granted, he didn’t ask for one, but according to him, everyone knows that poached eggs are supposed to be served with a tablespoon. I’ve been a waitress for nearly a decade, and I’ve served a LOT of poached eggs, and I’ve never heard this rule. Nonetheless, I apologize profusely and tell him I’ll go grab him a spoon. “No!” he yells. “My breakfast is ruined now!” and then, this grown ass adult throws his plate of food at me and storms out. His wife gives me a sympathetic smile as she slinks out behind him, and I work the next 8 hours with egg yolk stains all over me.

2. BurgersOFA should probably have called the cops on that one.

A lady starting smoking crack at the table, and when confronted about it broke the hostesses nose.

3. Impatient people are the worst, silindro.

Had a tray balanced on my shoulder full of food, and I was setting down hot plates to the table. Grandma shook her half empty glass of tea in my face and asked why she couldn’t get any service.

4. merelyoblivious witnessed some seriously cruel ignorance.

This happened a long time ago. I used to work at TGIF as a bus boy and there was this huge group of about 20 people. At the end of their meal, they received the bill. Everyone put in money for what they ordered. They sat there for a while doing the math and finally figured it out. They call their waitress over and say “We ain’t order no gratuity. Show me gratuity on this table.” They continued to try and argue and made the waitress cry. Manager had to be called in to explain what gratuity was.

5. According to GHottieJohn, Subway should have their own security.

When I worked at Subway, a customer threatened to come back and “take a bat to my head” because I laughed at what I genuinely thought was a joke.

6. coweyes36 learned never to get too close to creepy customers.

Waitress here. Had a large bruise (size and width of a hand) on my upper forearm, super swollen and purple. Had a guy grab my arm and ask “does this hurt?” before squeezing HARD. He spent the remainder of his visit making domestic abuse jokes and talking about how he was going to “take me home and give me more”.

7. TheTinyBookworm89 probably should have kicked that guy out.

Guest was incredibly drunk, couldn’t even sit properly anymore let alone talk – we refused to get him another drink, he threw a glass at my head.

8. Damn, swift_bass had an unbelievably obnoxious woman at his table.

A lady and her husband came in and before sitting down told us that she was deathly allergic to white wine saying, verbatim, “If you feed me white wine I will die.” So I run around double and triple checking recipes and ingredients and making sure the kitchen is ready so when she orders I know her food will be safe. Her husband orders the special and I make sure to tell her not to eat any of his meal as it is dressed with a beurre blanc made with white wine and I’d like her to survive her dining experience. Well I bring out their food and the first thing she does is scoop a big ol’ forkful of hubby’s special and I cry out in dismay as she shoves in her dumb fucking mouth and says while chewing, “oh, one bite won’t hurt.” She also single handedly weeded every server on the floor by forcing them into inane, inappropriate conversations while they were trying to take care of their busy sections, AND cornered another guest in the tiny corridor leading to the bathrooms to tell him, aggressively, he was being to loud.

9. Some people are just born miserable, Mizerak.

I wait tables in a country club. Had a couple come in once and as they were sitting down, before I had even introduced myself the woman was already complaining, since they had to wait 5 minutes while we resat “their table”.

She started off by telling me every time she gets the filet mignon its awful, and cooked wrong. I suggested she tried something else. Nope. Goes for the same thing again. I gave the kitchen heads up and make sure it was perfect and save us all a headache.

Steak comes up, seems fine. I drop her plate in front of her and I can already see that bullshit smirk people get when arent amused. She grabs her butter knife and legit slaps the top of the steak with the flat of it 3 times and goes “this is disgusting”. Hasnt even cut into it or tasted it. Has me take it back and bring her a new one.

So of course we do it… She gets her new one. Eats half of it and takes the rest home, wants to talk to a manager. Bitches up a storm, gets her whole meal free and desert. Leave me a garbo tip even if you dont include the free steak and desert.

Even left me a comment card, just saying “STEAK SUCKED” and 1 star for service.

10. DevilsPajamas is much more patient than we would’ve been.

Worst is a big group coming in on a Sunday. Ordered endless chip appetizer, waters all around, asked for extra lemons (you can see where this is going…).. stayed for a few hours, total bill? Like $6. Got tipped 50 cents for having to wait around on them for literally my entire shift.

Then the whole “I am sensitive to gluten” spiel that people have. Then they order a beer. I point that beer has gluten in it and they say “oh well that doesn’t bother me. It is just gluten in food that bothers me”… whatever.

11. That’s a serious hatred for onions, labratsinspace.

Someone threatened to get me fired and called me an idiot because the sandwich she ordered on a shift I didn’t work had onions on it.

12. niftyfat encountered a very vengeful drunk.

Worked as a bar back. I accidentally dropped a fork on a very drunk dude’s foot, who got angry and shook his head and grumbled about it, shocking I know. Bits of food fell on the ground as well, so I grabbed a towel to clean it up. I look the man in the eye to let him now im on the floor cleaning next to him. He then proceeds to stand up and step on my hand as he walks to the bathroom. It hurt like a bitch, and I yelled out in pain. He didn’t acknowledge it at all but chuckled as he walked away. Sadly there wasn’t much I could do, I just got angry and walked to the back to calm down.

13. Damn what a bitch, KhaosElement.

I did a stint at Starbucks. They put in to the Target I was working at, had just graduated from my degree program and they offered to let me manage it. It was good money. Of special note, the just graduated bit. Graduated, from college. As had the person I was working with.

We made this woman’s iced tea wrong. I don’t remember why, it was stupid mistake, but those happen. It would have taken all of thirty seconds to remake it.

She threw it back across the counter, literally threw it, turned to her daughter and said in the most preppy, bitchy, never worked a day in her life soccer mom “trophy” wife voice, “See, this is why we finish high school.”

Being the manager, I refused her any further service. She thought she had be by the short hairs when she went to get the Target store manager. But when a ton of other customers backed up my story, she was removed from Target.

14. Gore-MayCupcake, we feel your frustration.

Had a group of girls speak to my manager and call me a stupid hoe over $0.13. Basically they ordered a side of fries and one maybe got a lemonade. Anyway, give them their bill and they gave me just enough to cover it since we round to the nearest dollar instead of dealing with coins. Girls flip out over $0.13 so I go in my bag to scrounge it up. They speak to my manager who refunded them everything (stupid) and they proceed to call me names as they leave their table.

15. MindyS1719 should probably quit.

Guy tries to get my attention so instead of saying “excuse me miss” he intentionally grabbed my arse and then apologize with “oh sorry, I was going for your hip”. I know I’ve got a booty okay, it’s not hard to miss. He got kicked out after that – as it wasn’t the first time he’s done it to other servers in our restaurant.

What do you think?


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