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15 Tweets That Are Way Too Relatable For People On The Dating Scene

While I’m sure the concept of a first date sounds exciting to those of you who have never been on one, I can assure you that they aren’t. They generally involve spending too much money, getting far too drunk, and dealing with the dawning realisation that the majority of humanity is so different to you that they may as well be from another planet.

However, don’t just take my word for it. Take the following tweets for example, which reveal exactly how awful dating can truly be, from the people who know best. These tweets have been written by dating veterans, the people who are out there, pounding the streets, ordering the house red and eating their body weight in free breadsticks. Ready to dive in? You’d better be; because the following list is harrowing enough to make you laugh, cry or just feel more terrified at the state of humanity. You have been warned.

1. This is the most relatable tweet I’ve ever read

2. Tom, 28, isn’t a cat

3. The greatest tip of all time

4. Amber speaks the absolute truth

5. The only universal truth about butts

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