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15 Pictures That Show How Awesome The World Can Be

Sometimes, we all need a reminder of just how awesome our world is. If you’re in the midst of a fixed routine, seeing the same parade of faces and the same surroundings day in and day out, you might become a bit disillusioned and apathetic; a little bit down in the dumps. Things might seem grey and tedious, and the minutiae of daily life will therefore be that much harder to deal with. It’s a vicious cycle and it sucks. But what’s the cure?

I’ll tell you what: evidence that life is amazing and that unexpected sights and experiences can rear their head at any moment. There are still things out there that will make even the most morose and cynical person sit up and take notice, and luckily we’ve managed to capture them on camera and share them on social media. So to relieve yourself of serious boredom, check out these incredible pics documenting some of the coolest stuff you’ve probably never even heard of. Remember: these aren’t photoshopped. Enjoy!

1. Surfing by riding a dirt bike

2. This crossword puzzle on Mensa headquarters

3. A giant rubber ducky

4. A guitar shop that looks like an amp

5. A sculpture designed to resemble a wire-frame car

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