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15 people shared their go-to hype song and the results will make you feel invincible

Music has the innate ability to alter our mood and make us feel a certain way based on how we experience it. Some songs remind us of sad times while others can get us hyped up at a moment’s notice. These are the kinds of songs that are perfect for pushing you through a tough workout or helping you run that extra mile.

That being said, everyone has their own personal tastes and favorite jams. Reddit decided to ask their audience about which songs never fail to get them amped up and their responses make for a pretty solid playlist.

1. Lil John – “Get Low”

Submitted by XG32.

2. Schoolboy Q – “Man of the Year”

Submitted by Disrupturous

3. Rage Against the Machine – “Bulls on Parade”

Submitted by remotewashboard

4. System Of A Down – “Cigaro”

Submitted by MapAtay

5. AC/DC – “Thunderstruck”

Submitted by JabberwockyJurist

6. Denzel Curry – “Ultimate”

Submitted by 707deathwish

7. Wu-Tang Clan – “Protect Ya Neck”

Submitted by Biscuit_wank

8. The Beatles – “Helter Skelter”

Submitted by famalamo

9. Sweet – “Ballroom Blitz”

Submitted by TheSoapbottle

10. The Offspring – “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid”

Submitted by Darkraizenri

11. Childish Gambino – “Bonfire”

Submitted by MakeMeATaco72

12. The Stooges – “Down On The Street”

Submitted by RobAtSGH

13. Kanye West – “Power”

Submitted by JBEastman

14. Kendrick Lamar – “DNA”

Submitted by redrasegan

15. Run The Jewels – “Nobody Speak”

Submitted by Ovaltine-_Jenkins

Jam out to the full hype playlist below:

What do you think?


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