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15 people share the dumbest reason someone has been mad at them

As human beings, we can’t always control our emotions. Sometimes we get sad for no reason or the most random things will send us into a fit of rage. Most of the time, though, we like to think we’re more level headed than others.

That being said, Reddit asked its audience about the dumbest reason someone has ever been angry with them and the responses are beyond ridiculous.

1. Some people just don’t get it, sauerpatchkid.

My husband and I went on a 5th year anniversary trip. TWO people were mad at us for not inviting them. His brother was one of them. Those same 2 people were mad because we went on our honeymoon and didn’t invite them.

2. A_Unicycle, where TF do you work??

I got death threats at work when I wouldn’t accept “a box of reptiles” as payment for an electric guitar.

The guy was later banned from the mall after trying to steal shoes from a mannequin.

3. LiquidDreamtime, there’s probably more to that story.

A woman I had never met or seen in my life, at a public event, asked me where her kids were. I was confused and said “I’m sorry, I don’t know.” And she yelled and asked where they put them. She stormed off angry at me. I never had a clue why she asked me.

4. rocksNbuns couldn’t possibly control that.

I had a teacher get mad at me because I sneezed during a test.

5. TurgidJusticeBoner, maybe it reduced the value?

In the early 80s my parents bought a home stereo. The face of it had a gaudy fluorescent orange paper sticker around the remote sensor that said, “REMOTE CONTROL READY.” Its sole purpose was as a “shelf talker” for the store demo models and was meant to be removed by the end user. The thing was a few years old and the cheap uncoated paper had become soiled, so one day while I was listening to music I peeled it off. My mom got super pissed off about this for some reason.

6. punkterminator understands the pains of retail work.

A woman screamed at me because I wouldn’t return a heavily used toaster she purchased 5 years ago at a store that doesn’t even exist in Canada. I do not work at a place that sells toasters.

7. People are crazy, superbozo.

“That kid stole my phone”

Met him once. At my house. At a party I threw. He loses his phone.

In his eyes, that meant I stole his phone. Except when he told his friend that i stole his phone, he did it by TEXTING HIM USING THE PHONE HE CLAIMED I STOLE.

Holy shit. That took me for a ride when it first happened.

8. I_Pariah has an extremely sensitive GF.

Ex GF and I were both sick. I was napping while she was studying (this was back in college). I wake up and she is giving me the silent treatment (her method of being upset with me). Apparently I somehow offended her while I was asleep? Ridiculous. I later found out that she had came over to me while I slept and blew her nose or coughed and I did not wake up or show concern….

9. Konoronhkwa probably saved a life.

I work at one of the world’s busiest theme parks and today a guest screamed at me because I wouldn’t let their toddler on a rollercoaster that they would -literally – fall out of. Then, she continued to tug on my shirt and asked what I would give her for compensation, when I tried to give her a pass to enter another ride she got even angrier and demanded I give her one to a brand new ride that just opened and had a 7 hour queue. After I explained I couldn’t, because those tickets don’t even exist. She got in my face, screamed again, and demanded I give her tickets to our competitors park. After explaining I couldn’t, because our company doesn’t own that park. She asked me what time I was finished work and told me she’d find me in the parking lot.

All this because I wouldn’t let her toddler go on a ride they would’ve slipped out of.

10. That’s what you get for being nice, Tacocatx2.

This total stranger at the bus stop…He sneezed and I said “bless you”. He replied angrily “That wasn’t a sneeze, it was a cough!” I said “Sorry, I thought it was a sneeze”, and he yelled “Well it wasn’t!” He was angry out of all proportion.

11. instantlightning2, I remember those days.

Me and my siblings used to get mad at each other for “Staring out of each others windows” on car rides. It sucked for the middle seater.

12. That’s unfortunate, soccerg510.

Teacher threw me out of class in high school when I answered a question correctly after she thought I was sleeping in class. Still bothers me to this day. Fuck you, Mrs. Forrester. 

13. AssyMcFlapFlaps must hate emoji.

I didnt put a ? at the end of a goodnight text

14. It happens to the best of us, 1800fullytorqued.

My wife occasionally wakes up mad at me based on something I did to piss her off in her dreams.

15. The joys of parenting, BelgoCanadian.

My son got mad at me when I put apple chunks in his oatmeal after he asked for apple chunks in his oatmeal

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