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15 Of The Worst Photoshop Fails Of All Time That People Actually Posted On Facebook

People lie a lot on social media. It’s sad but it’s true. Especially on Facebook, there are always going to be insecure people out there who will embellish, exaggerate and boast in order to make themselves look happier and more popular than they really actually are. Once you’ve used Facebook long enough, you become adept at spotting when people are trying to make themselves look good and when they’re being sincere. I’ll admit it: I myself have been guilty of making myself look better than I really am. It’s just human nature.

But then there are people who will resort to any method to make themselves look more attractive. I really do mean any method. Like photoshopping themselves really badly in an attempt to gain the attention they so desperately crave. Of course, Photoshop is usually a last resort for people who are trying to show off on social media, but it’s rarely done well. In fact, most of the time the brazen photoshopping is so amateur that it just makes the subject end up looking 100 per cent worse. That doesn’t mean they aren’t hilarious however; and to prove it we’ve collated the worst, most audacious examples for you to point and laugh at. Enjoy!

1. This advert is the worst

2. Check out this “horse dog” 

3. This surfer’s snap 

4. She photoshopped one boob but not the other

5. His muscles are all wrong

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