15 Freaky Niche Dating Sites That Will Put You Off Finding Love On The Internet Forever

Online dating has become commonplace nowadays. Years ago, looking for a lover on the internet carried with it an uncomfortable stigma that led many people to lie about using it, now it’s rare to meet someone who hasn’t used either Tinder, Match.com or eHarmony at some point in their life. However, while meeting partners online no longer holds a badge of ignominious disgrace, there are certain online niche dating sites out there that’ll certainly still raise eyebrows.

In fact, there are some that should simply never have been created in the first place. From the site where each partners post photos of themselves to determine if they can “do better”, to the online page designed to bring together “adult Babies and diaper lovers”, these ridiculously freaky niche dating sites will put you off finding love on the internet forever.

1. Foot Fetish, the UK dating site which promises to “Satisfy Your Urge for Sucking, Licking and Sniffing Sexy Feet”

Do sexy feet excite me? No. Do I wish to date someone who is excited by feet? Probably not.

2. Gleedon, the first extramarital dating site made by women

Female empowerment is great and all but… Is cheating really shedding the shackles of sexism? Or does it just make you an awful person?

3. Sizzl, a real dating app for bacon lovers

I adore bacon, I really do. But do I need an app dedicated to finding others who share my love of bacon?

4. CanDoBetter, the site where users post pictures of themselves and their partners for others to decide which person can do better

Is this (insanely questionable) dating site necessary?

5. Clown Dating, the site that tells us “everyone loves a clown, let a clown love you”

It’s nice to hear that clowns are given the chance to find love too, but my childhood fear of them stops me from being too happy for them

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