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14 People Share The Best Luck They’ve Ever Had In Their Life

Ladies and gents, what you’re about to read might restore your hope in good fortune and success. These Redditors started with slim chances and wound up having their days epically made.

1. Joshebgaming had a surreal moment.

My car broke down on a two lane highway in the middle of the Appalachians, 20 miles from the closest city and with no cell reception. The first vehicle around the bend was my grandfather who lived three hours away. He had randomly decided to go on a weekend trip to the mountains. From break down to being picked up was less than five minutes.

It was legitimately the most surreal experience of my life. When he rolled down the window we both looked at each other for a few seconds before we spoke — like “This can’t really be happening, can it?”

2. Metaknight95 stumbled upon an excellent travel surprise.

I was flying economy to London last summer, and I had the flight attendants tell me to head up to the front of the plane. Lo and behold, the pilot of my flight was my cousin who I hadn’t seen, or spoken to in many years! He told me to grab my carry on, and that he would bump me up to first class for free. And holy shit was it fancy up there

3. Cent66 kept finding free money.

I found a $20 bill at the post office. Since I thought it was my lucky day, I bought a $10 scratch off lotto ticket and won $150.

4. TominNJ had a near death experience.

Not getting crushed or drowned in a farm accident. I was 16 and working in the packing house on a blueberry farm. I went out to the fields with a guy to pick up the berries. The truck didn’t have a cab just a windshield. I was sitting on a fuel tank where the passenger seat would normally be. There was a large ditch full of water on the right side of the road. The driver went off the road into the ditch. I went into the water and the truck rolled over and came down on top of me. Somehow, I wasn’t pinned or crushed and was able to find my way out.

I used up a lifetimes worth of luck in that one incident.

5. L1keasomebody’s professor probably thought he/she lost the test.

I forgot I had a midterm and missed the exam. Somehow ended up with a B on said midterm. ???

6. Hanks1natra had interesting odds.

I won $6,000 from a $10 bet on the Melbourne cup, which happened to be 12 months to the day of being clean.

7. xLegendarY got hit by a truck.

I got hit by a semi truck while driving 75mph down the highway. Rolled 6 or so times and landed right side up in the ditch with not so much as a scratch on my, my fiancee’s, or my friend in the back seat’s body. Car was fucked though.

Edit: Due to multiple asks, I was driving a 2014 Chevy Sonic. I’m amazed such a tiny car kept me safe through that.

8. Captainpotty had a mic drop moment.

In 5th grade this kid Lee was trying to land a basketball in the net from over his shoulder. I have no talent for basketball, or sports, or being mobile, but I told him he was doing it wrong and took the ball from him. One attempt: SWOOSH. Then I walked right off the gym floor like I do that shit in my sleep.

It’s been downhill ever since then.

9. Stabfacenotback lost and won.

I got ticketed and towed for parking in my usual spot at work because on Nov. 1st the parking rules change for snow (I didn’t know that). Cost me all afternoon and $400.

That night, my friends and I went to play bingo with the old biddies at the church. I hit the jack pot bingo which was worth exactly $400.

10. Tdvx proves sometimes it’s the little things.

1am, Taco Bell, ordered a dorito taco and a crunch wrap. Ate both but my body wanted more. I jokingly reached into the bag, telling my girlfriend there always a fry at the bottom, and there was a fucking cheesy gordita crunch in the bag. Checked the receipt and was only charged for the 2 things. So awesome.

11. AmNotCIA was centimeters away from death.

When I was 12 I was walking through the woods and got hit in the face with an arrow by someone who wasn’t paying any attention to where he was firing. While this may not be lucky in its self, it hit the hinge of my jaw bone. Half an inch in any direction would’ve been much more fatal, an inch up would have gone into my brain, and an inch down my throat.

12. Bawhawmut’s dream came true.

I got a job in the video game testing industry. I got placed on a specific project that happened to have a point of contact that knew my favorite band personally. When the client came to visit, this point of contact mentioned my favorite band and my boss mentioned that I loved them. I was then invited to fly out and hang out with my favorite band. I got a tour of their headquarters and got to spend a bunch of time with them for the weekend. The only thing I had to pay was my flight. It was easily the best weekend of my entire life and I’m now on a first-name basis and VIP list with that band.

13. Megajumpman was glad he left his wallet.

I went to a random party 8 years ago, had a one night stand with a chick there and ended up having my wallet fall out of my pants and I didn’t notice until the next day. That made me have to go back and pick it up and then I actually had a conversation with the girl I slept with and we really hit it off. It’s 8 years later, we’ve been married for 2 years and have a 10 month old little boy. My wallet falling out of my pocket is the luckiest/best thing to ever happen to me!

14. I_slobber_buckets searched and found.

Found both my birth parents.

They’re not married.

And they’re both awesome.

What do you think?


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