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14 People Share Social Norms They Don’t Give AF About Following

Feel like walking on the wild side? While it’s liberating to not care what others think, today’s social standards tend to retract us from actually doing what we want. Many of us fear judgement and usually give in to what others do. But not these Redditors. They’re perfectly okay with cutting out the bullshit and we love it.

1. Bunny36 doesn’t want to waste her time.

Makeup. I’m not against it and sometimes I’ll wear it out in the evenings. I even enjoy watching YouTube makeup tutorials but all in all I wear it maybe once a month.

I went to work the other day with makeup on and to my surprise my coworker came up and was like “noooo you were my role model!”

I’m not protesting anything…Im just lazy.

2. IngloriousAmateur just wants to give her wife some sleep.

I sleep in a different bedroom than my wife about 95% of the time. My wife is a very light sleeper and I snore a lot, so when we sleep in the same bed she gets very little sleep.

3. I live vicariously through SeriesOfAdjectives.

I haven’t worn a bra for two years now. So much better

4. Ssutuanjoe isn’t about home tours.

The whole “showing guests around the house” norm. Bleh. When I’m a guest in someone’s house, unless I’m staying the night, I only care where the bathroom is. I don’t want a tour around the house to see all the rooms and admire the back yard.

5. McDildoChest walks on the wild side with fruit.

I like eating the whole Kiwi fruit.

6. Thelivingtoaster refrains from a social media go-to.

I have never made a Facebook account.

7. Colors don’t matter for Rocket_pork.

Today, one sock is orange the other blue. as long as they’re the same length and thickness, i don’t really care what they look like.

8. BowmanTheShowman doesn’t give in to relationship nicknames.

My husband and I have never called each other any positive term of endearment. No “baby” or “sweetheart” or “honey.”

We were joking about it when we first started dating and called each other Poophead.

Now, 6 years later, it’s still the only thing we call each other.

9. Pebble255 has a funny one.

I talk to myself a shit ton lot.

10. Sokensan has legit medical reasons.

I don’t like hugs, it’s not really a personal space issue, it’s more of a I have scoliosis and certain people hug way to hard and I don’t feel like risking unnecessary pain because someone wants a hug.

11. xx-Rain_Maker-xx stays away from an old school mannerism.

I put my elbows on the table. That rule is just stupid.

12. HippiesEverywhere doesn’t follow the laundry norm.

Since when did society decide I have to change and wash a T-shirt after every individual use? If it’s not dirty, I’m gonna wear it.

13. Petethepianist is different from his stereotype in an awesome way.

Outwardly I’m a large bearded male that looks somewhat steroid-addled. In reality I love baking, shopping, musicals and my 6 cats

14. Mrmdc might make food lovers gasps.

I eat my burgers upside down.

The top bun faces the ground.

What do you think?


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