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13 People Share Their Childhood Fears And It’s Hilariously Irrational

What might seem like an illogical idea as an adult can be a very real fear as a child. Thanks to our young imaginations, monsters under beds, plants trying to kill us and sharks hiding in pools seemed realistic, at the time.

These Redditors shared hilariously absurd worries they had as a kids and we cannot help but laugh.

1. It was important to make toilet trips quick for Dr_Doorknob.

If I sat on the toilet too long (like 5 minutes long) my body would grow onto the toilet and I would be attached on the toilet for the rest of my life.

2. Reading Rainbow started it all for KirinG.

There was a book on Reading Rainbow where a volcano suddenly appeared in a farmer’s field. I spent the next month or so terrified whenever I’d find a “hot spot” in my house or backyard, because there would obviously be a volcano in that spot soon. And dammit, no one believed me about how much danger we were in.

3. Televisions were DarknessSeraph’s biggest fear.

That the girl from The Ring would eventually crawl through my television screen and come after me. I saw the movie when I was seven. It made me afraid of static on TV for awhile.

4. Andromeda321 believed a body of matter from outer space was targeting him.

I thought a meteorite was going to crash through my ceiling and hit me while sleeping. For this I blame my dad, who was once talking to my uncle about a woman in Alabama who’d been hit by one while sleeping. I overheard and asked “but that won’t happen to me tonight, will it?” My dad responded with “you never know, it might!”

My dad denies this to this very day, for the record.

5. The vehicle fear for HanRely was real.

I was always afraid that the car door would open and I’d fall out.

6. Azazel_The_Fox had a VCR nightmare.

I had a VERY realistic dream my brother got eaten by our 1989 era VCR. I was pretty scared to put tapes in for a while. It flattened him in my dream ?

7. Thoughts of permanently losing parents were strong for Sporxable.

That if I lost my parents in a store or something, that’s it. No more parents for me, I’m an orphan now.

8. Roomandcoke feared he was ruining the earth when he let one loose.

If you fart with your ass up, it’ll wear holes in the ozone layer.

I have no idea where this came from. Probably my sister, she told me a lot of lies. So if I had to fart but my butt was pointing up, I’d quickly flip over so it was pointing down or sideways.

9. There is one kind of melon Titty_burger couldn’t handle.

I had an overwhelming fear of cantaloupes. I found a box of them behind the garage and thought they were brains.

10. GregTheGreat was not cool with windows.

I could never look out the windows when it was night, as I was always afraid that I’d catch some monster looking back in.

11. Sharks hide in pools, according to Crazysnowwolf’s imagination.

Angel sharks in swimming pools.

Any discoloration in the concrete at the bottom of the pool? Clearly the outline of a shark that has evolved to camouflage itself in chlorine filled pools to snack on unsuspecting six year olds.

12. Go_fer_it_Rock literally thoughts his parents would be in flames. 

That if my parents got fired from their job that they’d actually be set on fire.

13. Chillyfeets dodged almost all bodies of water.

Seaweed. I saw it as a giant sea spider. Even just seeing a clump of washed up seaweed 10ft away was enough for me to start screaming. I refused to play in slightly murky water because if I stepped on the sea spiders I’d die.

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