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13 People Share The Most Bizarre Craigslist Transactions They’ve Every Experienced

Anyone who has ever bought or sold anything on Craigslist knows the transaction process tends to be a bit tricky. In an ideal situation, the person you’re buying from/selling to is another normal, sane human being like yourself. Unfortunately, there are many occasions in which this is not the case and the other individual turns out to be a psychopath or just really fucking weird.

Reddit asked its audience about their strangest Craigslist transactions and let’s just say, these stories did not disappoint.

1. HellaCorey got a little more than he bargained for.

A guy sold me a computer desk and when I was loading it a snake came out. He was trying to reverse shanghai this fucking snake into being my responsibility!!

2. Pays_in_snakes probably should’ve made sure he was dealing with the right person.

I was buying some bicycle parts off a kid in Manhattan and I show up at the corner where we’re meeting and a guy walks up looking for someone, and I assume it’s my guy and we start walking down the block and chatting.

Eventually he asks what he can do for me, and I’m like ‘I’m here for the crank arms?’

‘The What?’

‘The crank arms… wait, are you selling bike parts?’

Fairly certain that corner was double-booked to a drug deal too. The guy was nice though, and we laughed it off then found the right people we were there to meet.

3. Honestly, Jakeyb99 is lucky that situation didn’t take a different turn.

About three months ago a guy posted add for a free laptop. I figured I could fix it and maybe use it. He didn’t say it was broken I just assumed it was.

When I got to his house he led me into his basement where he had maybe 200 laptops. And told me I could take as many as I wanted. I only took one assuming they were stolen.

I googled the guys name and it turned out he ran a computer repair shop that went out of business. He was just a nice guy. I still use the laptop. But it was really weird.

4. Bluevuevueblue‘s story is actually pretty sweet.

Not necessarily weird, but my most memorable craigslist experience. I had to sell my parrotlet, Guapo, as I did not have the time for him with me in college and working full time. Parrots require A LOT of attention. He was an expensive bird, but I didn’t want to make money off of him. I put him on Craigslist and got a few inquiries that I did not feel comfortable about. Then I got an email from the most BIRD couple I could ever imagine (I didn’t realize BIRD people were a thing until I got a parrot). They had converted their home into a bird sanctuary after their kids moved out and they had a sad, female, parrotlet, which needed a buddy. They sent me photos of her and their home. They had quite a few other birds and their home looked like a very well kept exotic bird zoo. It was amazing. She said they did not have a lot of extra money, after taking in all these birds but wanted to give him a good home. I sold him to them for $150, with his large cage, toys and playground. They came and got him and the woman was crying happy tears, to finally have a buddy for their parrotlet. They were very kind. Guapo was the first, and only, pet I have ever had to give up and I have no regrets giving him to that couple. It was a win for all involved.

5. This might be the most random trade in history, DarkHorseCards.

Traded a low rider bicycle for a home-made cheese-cake. I just wanted the bike out of my house. Still have the plate she delivered it on.

6. 2sassi4u is so fortunate that her mom followed her instincts.

So, it was my Craigslist transaction, however, I had my mother go for me.

But, it was a couple years ago when I was pregnant this lady was selling brand new in the box mamaroo swing, for a super discounted price. So, I’m like wow okay, let me set this up. So I email her and she says yes she still has it but to text her. I go ahead and text her, and I was still working while I was pregnant so I couldn’t go pick it up immediately, plus I worked from a city about 20 min away. So, we set up to meet at a business in the city she lives in (it was my moms work but I didn’t tell her that) – anyway, after we figure it out we stop texting and like 2 hours later, she texts me again asking how pregnant I am, what the sex is blah blah blah. I didn’t think it was a huge deal because she has told me she was pregnant as well but had received 2 of these at her baby shower. I went ahead and told her it’s a boy I was actually due 2 days ago, but apparently he’s too happy to come out. Then like 20 min later she texts me again saying she has to go pick her other kids up around the time we were supposed to meet so can I meet at her house as soon as she gets home instead? It actually wasn’t that far out of the way, so whatever. However, I then got called into a meeting and I couldn’t make it, but I really wanted this swing so I asked my mom to stop by when she got out of work and grab it for me. The time comes, my mom gets out of work and heads over there. She gets to this house on the very end of a street with no neighbors around. She rings the doorbell, and the lady is like “I’m sorry I can’t find the mamaroo, I’m looking now, come on in” my mom walks in and is texting me like “didnt you say this lady was pregnant and had kids, cause she’s not and there is no kids in site… plus this house is filthy and there is no electricity on”

Finally, the lady is like oh, I found it it’s in this back room, “can you come help me grab it from the shelf” my mom followed her back to this room with just a dirty mattress on the floor and a bunch of towels on it. At this point, the lady (who is clearly not pregnant) makes a joke about “how many pregnant woman does it take to get a swing down” (my mom is pretty heavy btw) and my mom corrects her and is like “oh I’m not pregnant. You were talking to my daughter, but she had to go to a meeting” the lady is appalled that I did not tell her some random woman was coming (even though she’s never met me) and blah blah. Anyway, she ended up being wrong about finding the swing in the closet in that room, and told my mom she’d text me when she found it.

My mom just went and bought the mamaroo at full price and told me to block that lady. I always wonder what would have happened to me if I went out there myself.

TLDR: tried to buy a baby swing, probably would’ve got my baby cut out.

7. officerbill_‘s parents definitely didn’t expect that.

My parents’ dachshund died and they put an ad on Craigslist looking for another (not interested in papers, etc).

A couple of days later they get a call from a guy who says he might have a dog for them and they decide to meet in the lot of a Pet Smart. He gets out of his truck and hands my dad a beautiful 1-1½ year old long-hair. My dad says “this is a nice dog” the guy says “thanks” then gets back in his truck and drives away.

Edit for clarification: Apparently this reads like the guy drove off with the dog. What happened was that he handed the dog to my father and then left without any introduction, explanation, information, or conversation.

8. There’s a whole lot going wrong in portajohnjackoff‘s transaction.

I met a guy at the police station parking lot to sell my iphone. I told him before-hand that the price was firm and non-negotiable. Of course he tried to haggle when we met. I got irked and said I was leaving. He said he was going to call the cops. We were literally a few steps from the entrance.

9. Sounds like Hurray_for_Candy made a smart choice by turning down this deal.

I had an entertainment center advertised and a woman asked to come over to have a look at it, we set up a time and when the time came, she didn’t show up. I texted her and a couple hours later she replied and asked if it was too late to come by, it was 10pm but I said ok. She said she would be there in 10 minutes, but wasn’t there 20 minutes later and I texted her again. 10 more minutes, she said, but she hadn’t shown up by 11pm so I texted again and said we would have to do it another day, and she replied that she was just pulling up. I go to my front door and sure enough she is pulling into the driveway, and there are about 4 or 5 other people in the car with her. They all get out and start walking towards the door and I ask them what they are doing, and the woman says they all want to see the entertainment center. I tell her that only she can come in, and at that point I wasn’t sure I even wanted her to come in. She says she needs at least one other person’s opinion. I say no, she gets indignant and I ask her to leave, and she says that I am not being a very good Christian. I say I am fine with that and went in my house and locked all the doors, peeking out the window. One of the dudes who was with her is pissing at the end of my driveway, but then they get in the car and drive away. The whole thing was super bizarre.

10. eck226 had us worried there for a minute.

I was selling a cheap microwave and a bunch of other stuff when I moved in with my now wife. The guy has some off beat questions about it but wanted to meet and take a look. When we meet he’s a mid-late 20’s guy in a very nice Porsche. Seems like a good dude. He gives it a good look over, and starts to giggle. I ask what’s up and he replies “oh, I can’t wait until they see it explode”. RED FLAGS! I ask what he means by that and he explains that he’s a chemistry teacher at a local (yet nationally known) technical high school. During his summer session they’ll use it for lots of various things, but at the end of the session, they’ll take it out to the middle of a field and blow it up. They’ll record it with high speed cameras and do an analysis of the reaction.


In the end I got my$20 and some smart high schoolers got to explode shit. Win/win!

11. sham5430‘s encounter turned into an important life lesson.

This is more sad than weird… I was trying to buy a antique clock, and found this sweet clock for a great price. I get to the place and call the guy and he says let yourself in through the side door. I walk in, and the place is filled with all sorts of clocks, grandfather clocks, huge wall clocks, every type of clock you can imagine. There were at least 50 clocks in there. The guy is sitting in the chair and he is huge, and very old.

He told me to let myself in b/c he could not get up off the chair and move around much. He used to collect and repair clocks, and said he had over 400 at one point, but since he feels like he is going to die soon, he started selling his collection and he was down to his last 50 or so. I gave him the money and picked up my clock but he kept trying to make small talk with me. I could tell he was very lonely and doesn’t get much company. I chatted with him for about 45 mins about what I do, where I’m from, etc. and then left. It put life into perspective for me, made me more appreciative of my health and life in general. I think about him every time I look at the clock.

12. Everything came full circle for MadTeaParticipant.

Bought a turtle once on craisglist. The girl who was selling it was very sad to be parting with her pet, which she’d had for over 10 years, but her parents were getting a divorce and her living situation was in transition.

Kept the turtle for a year, then had to get rid of it myself, so I posted on craigslist. Guess who the first person was who responded? Humphrey and his original owner were reunited after a long year apart. It seemed a serendipitous ending, and I felt quite good about it at the time.

13. squeeeeenis should probably never contact that seller again.

Her post was a picture of a dining room, Titled ‘$90.’

I was trying to buy a table for my dining room, and E-mailed the person selling it with the subject line “interested in dining room table.”

I get a weirdly quick reply quoting me prices on everything from Cannabis to Heroin. I politely declined, and asked if she still had the table for sale. (In my defense, it was a nice table.)

Her response was, “I don’t do that anymore, find another fool, fucker.”

What do you think?


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