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13 Of The Best Childhood Photo Recreations Ever

Flicking through old family photos, it can sometimes be difficult to reconcile the idea that the little kid you’re looking at is actually you. As a grown up, it’s easy to lose touch of our childhood selves and completely forget that we were ever young, cute, and optimistic about the future.

One way to solve this rather depressing problem is to take a childhood recreation photo. What’s that when it’s at home? Well, it’s where you recreate a photo from your treasures family albums, wearing the same or similar clothes and standing in the same pose. When you compare the photos side by side, it becomes that little bit easier to believe that you’re the same person as that cute little kid who had their photograph taken all those years ago.

Still don’t understand the premise? Well, don’t worry, because I’ve got a collection of the internet’s very best examples lined up for you in the following hilarious list.

1. One cop and her dog

2. She grew up to be an artist

3. Tired dad is tired

4. My, how you’ve grown

5. Mucky pup grows up

6. Nothing ever changes

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