12 Men From Game Of Thrones Reimagined As Sandwiches That Best Describe Their Character

Game of Thrones fans are hungry for the finale episode of the series – but in the meantime, one viewer has created the perfect Twitter thread to tide them over. Writer @AmeliaLKD served the internet the GOT male characters reimagined as sandwiches and their delicious doppelgangers are spot on.

Think Tormund Giantsbane is mouthwatering as a person, well satisfy your craving with a Reuben – “meaty, filling, a big red boi, I’m really hungry for his/this sandwich.” Scroll down below to quench your thirst over these dashing leading men, by satisfying your hunger with their sandwich recipes. Throwing a Game Of Thrones finale party? Well here are the perfect snacks to serve.

This Game of Thrones fan just served up the Game of Thrones men as sandwiches – and it’s too delicious

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

Not everyone has what it takes to compete with the main course Jorah but you’re still a snack we can depend on

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

Like the popular BLT  Jaime may be one of the more appetizing-looking men but in reality, he will only disappoint

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

Oh Jon Snow you’re always searching for your identity but until you find it you will remain bread with no filling

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

Tormund is hungry for Brienne and we’re hungry for Tormund. This meaty sandwich is enough to satisfy anyone

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

Gentle Sam Tarly, like the doughy smoked salmon and cream cheese, is more fit for teatime than battle

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

A classic, bitter, quick bite – even small sandwiches can have big pickles

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

Sandor Clegane and his gruff, fatherly attitude remind us of home, just like the grilled cheese

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

Who cares if the ice cream sandwich is bad for you we’ll gladly accept his/its extra calories

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

Lord Varys certainly is a quirky, odd, and acquired taste. A great sandwich for spilling the tea

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

Grey Worm, like the tuna sandwich, is a tasty, solid, and always has your back in the face of danger – or hunger

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

Joffrey – a pompous, overdressed sandwich that nobody misses when not at the table

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

Whenever winter comes you can expect him to show up, whether you like it or not

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

Ok everyone, whose hungry?

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

Image credits: AmeliaLKD

Delighted commenters offered more character sandwich recipes

Image credits: Sabrinathe20so1

Image credits: tecnobocelli

Image credits: watermia

Image credits: SamuraiSicilian

Image credits: GIOsZaWarudo

And requested the OP cook-up some food matches for the women of GOT

Image credits: carozza30

The internet agreed that that was one clever and mouth-watering thread

Image credits: Bekkablair

Image credits: AliceUndrground

Image credits: S_L_Murphy

Image credits: MaxHerngren

Image credits: alice_on_elm_st

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