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11 Signs You’re The Office B*tch

There’s always one person at work who will make every effort to make life that much harder for everyone else. This is the kind of person who resents showing up in the morning and for whom even the most menial task is colossal. You know the kind of person I’m talking about, and if you can’t think of anyone then I’ve got bad news for you: it’s you.

But spotting the office b*tch is pretty easy. After all, they tend to stick out somewhat, and they don’t try to hide their contempt for work. Odds are that they started work as a chirpy, cheerful, fluffy bunny, but years of overtime and deadlines and general boredom gradually eroded their good will, so that now they can only gain pleasure from others’ misfortune. If you exhibit any of the following traits, it could be a sign that you’re the office b*tch.

1. Sarcasm is your native tongue 

They say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but that’s only when other people do it wrong. You do it right. For you, sarcasm isn’t a tone of voice: it’s a way of life. You’ve embraced it and you own it, wielding it as a shield and as a weapon. Honestly, by this point you’ve forgotten how to have a conversation without it.

2. You ignore certain people

Some of your co-workers aren’t worth talking to. You know it, everyone else knows it, even they probably know it. All they talk about is about themselves, their pets, or their plans for the weekend. Boring. So why pretend? You bite the bullet and avoid talking to them altogether. Sure, you might come across as aloof and unconcerned, but ultimately you spared yourself a whole lot of tedious chit-chat.

3. You’re always ready with a brutal put-down

There’s nothing like a bit of verbal sparring to make the working day go by faster, and you’ve always got a decent comeback. Maybe a colleague is complaining too loudly, maybe they’re wearing an idiotic hat. Whatever; it’s your job to burst their balloon and bring them back down to Earth with a bump.

4. You try to micromanage your co-workers 

You know the way you like things to be done, and you like things to be done that way. That’s not a personality flaw, right? If colleagues can’t handle your pointing out their mistakes or telling them they’re being ridiculous then that’s their problem, right? It’s your way or the highway, and the sooner everyone else at work gets that, the better.

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