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10 People Share The Moment They Realized Their Significant Other Was A Lunatic

Contrary to the popular belief, love doesn’t conquer all. Relationships collapse for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes when we really, really like someone, we’ll block out the red flags to avoid facing reality. If we’re feeling safe or settled, we ignore the alarms, and if it’s really bad it might take a very serious sign to realize the stars don’t align.

Remember to pay attention to the signs before they get so bad it turns into one of the crazy situations these Redditors have unfortunately experienced – and ultimately realized it wasn’t meant to be.

1. Boogie_wonderland shared it was her behavior with animals.

I’d been dating a girl for a few months. One night, her cat got out and was bitten by a neighbor’s dog. He was terrified and in pain, and that might have been part of the reason he peed on the rug next to his litterbox when we got him back inside. But the girl ran over and smacked him really hard in the head, yelling at him to stop. I immediately imagined what kind of mom she’d be if we ever had kids. I broke up with her a couple weeks later.

2. Ovalseven had an 18 year relationship.

We were together for 18 years and I never once complained about all the weight she gained while we were together. After her weight loss surgery she started going out to the bars with her friends and noticed that the men were now starting to pay her attention. This is when she told me that my height was a deal breaker for her (I’m shorter than she is).

I tried to save the relationship but she started sleeping with any and every dude who bought her a drink.

3. Cyanide_Revolver’s dad was the voice of reason.

When my dad gave me the “I don’t think she’s good enough for you” talk for about the fifth time. After that I sat and thought about what he had said and tried to imagine her and I in the future, and just knew I wouldn’t be happy.

4. BalloonBoy93 had an interesting situation.

She had a threesome…whilst I was attending my uncles funeral.

Yes we were dating at the time.

5. NaClyAF proved her wrong.

I was trying to lose weight, and she’d tell me I’d never succeed. She brought home fast food all the time to eat in front of me.

I broke up with her and lost 100 pounds.

6. STINKYOLDGUY‘s significant other didn’t like his passion.

Asked me to quit the sport I play to spend more time with her. I now play it professionally. Don’t ever ask your SO to give up on their lifelong dream.

7. Kaelne’s partner freaked out.

He went into a panic trying to sleep over at my house because my grandmother had died in the next room years before. He thought her ghost was going to get him or something. It was too weird.

8. Vallie24 deserves better.

The moment she laughed about my depression

9. NewAKowner is thankful the flower order was incorrect.

Got her a dozen roses for some occasion. She proceeds to call me about an hour later, asking what the meaning behind me buying her eleven roses. I explained it must have been a screw up at the florists, and she says “That’s ok, local town florist has single roses you can buy so just go get one of those and bring it by to make an even dozen.”

I asked her how she realized it had eleven. She told me that her and her mother counted to make sure I had got enough.

At that moment, her whole family came into perspective for me. Her dad was a lawyer who had a “trophy wife”, just a little past her trophy years. He frequently went on surprise, overnight business trips. Her 22 year old sister was getting picked up from the police station at least weekly which somehow never led to charges. Her mother (who was all but ignored by her father) would shower any guy brought home over the age of 15 with affection. The s/o in question had “jokingly” told me of her plan to go to college, find a rich guy, and marry him.

Thank god I got 11 roses once.

10. EdSpoons was dating a crazy.

This line made me dump her instantly:

“When we have kids I can’t change them or bathe them because I’m afraid of molesting them.”


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