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Victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire Named

The latest tragedy to befall the people of London has been the worst yet. Having endured two terrorist attacks in the last year, now an accidental fire has claimed more lives than the last two incidents combined.  On June 14 in the West London Borough of Kensington, the Grenfell tower block, a 24-storey block of apartments, suddenly caught fire during the dead of night. Many residents were left trapped inside building, which quickly filled with smoke, while torrents of flame barred any escape.

A large number of firefighters, approximately 40 fire engines and a large number of police investigators, paramedics and ambulances were summoned to the scene, but the human cost has still been utterly devastating.

Around 600 people were estimated to have been trapped inside the tower block, and of those 600, 30 people have been declared dead by forensics, and police investigators and firefighters suspect that the death toll will likely increase in days to come. A further 70 individuals are still missing, most presumed dead, and while the search goes on for more bodies or survivors, the remains of three victims that have already been recovered are being identified and their names made public.

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