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Tragedy Strikes Bride-To-Be, Then On Her Wedding Day THIS Happens…

The day you get married is supposed to the happiest one of your life. But for Sumer Myers, it was hard to smile, despite the fact that she was about to spend the rest of her days with the love of her life and the man who was always there for her through thick and thin, Airman Staff Sergeant, Christopher John Masters.

Life had not been kind to Sumer. In fact, she had been through some of the toughest experiences a human could possibly encounter. But life wasn’t done with her yet. Life was about to turn her whole world upside down yet again. Only this time on her wedding day…

1. Too Much Sadness For One Person

Life shouldn’t have been this way for Sumer Meyers. The young girl hadn’t had it easy. In fact it seemed when life had done everything it could to knock her down, it always had something else in store to give her a nasty shock. Within the space of weeks the poor young girl, who had suffered through gut-wrenching medical problems herself, had suddenly lost both her stepfather and stepbrother and she was struggling to cope.

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