Today the Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena is marveling…

Today the Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena is marveling at the jaw-dropping sight of the Grand Canyon becoming a roiling sea of clouds:

This breathtaking time-lapse video was shot by filmmaker Harun Mehmedinovic for the SKYGLOW project (previously featured here), which aims to educate viewers about the dangers of urban light pollution.

“Cold air is trapped in the canyon and topped by a layer of warm air, which in combination with moisture and condensation form the phenomenon referred to as the full cloud inversion,” SKYGLOW photographer Harun Mehmedinovic explained in an email to Gizmodo. “We were extremely lucky to be there to capture it, and it’s a collection of unique footage not found anywhere else.”

Visit the SKYGLOW website to learn more about this awesome ongoing project.

[via Gizmodo]

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