'Mario Maker' Is Now the Hello Kitty Platformer Japanophiles Have Always Wanted

A lot of folks love Hello Kitty — some a little too much — so why aren’t video game companies capitalizing on that affection? Where’s the Arkham Asylum for Hello Kitters? (“Hello Kitters” is the name I just came up with for the Hello Kitty fandom.) The best they’ve gotten is some low-rent puzzlers — the ultimate in copy-pasting a franchise into a video game.

mario maker bourne
Remember how excited we were when they announced a Jason Bourne game?

When it comes to video games, the Hello Kitty devotees will have to take what they can get. That said, what they can get ain’t all that bad — Nintendo announced today that Hello Kitty her(-him?)self will be coming to Super Mario Maker as a costume for players who can beat a new Event Course set to be released this Thursday, May 26th. That means players can hop into a Hello Kitty side-scroller with the objectively perfect controls of a Mario game. It’s like getting tiramisu out of a Yogurtland spout. Here’s a cute little trailer Nintendo put out:

In addition to Hello Kitty, the little baby rabbit My Melody will also appear in Mario Maker. This was my personal introduction to that character, and guys… am I alone in saying that My Melody is every bit as cute as Hello Kitty? She’s wearing a cute little hat! She puts her little paw in front of her mouth ‘cuz she’s shy! Come on! How did Hello Kitty capture the world’s heart while the adorable My Melody languished in his (her?) shadow? If My Melody wasn’t associated with the worldwide icon of cuteness, she’d be considered one of the cutest characters ever created. It’s like how George Harrison was, to a degree, overlooked by music historians because he was in The Beatles with two all-time greats in Paul McCartney and John Lennon. What I’m getting at is, My Melody is the George Harrison of cuteness.

mario maker hello kitty george harrison
Although, let’s be honest. George Harrison is the George Harrison of cuteness.


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mario maker bourne
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