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Lyft Driver Refuses To Drive Drunk Women Home And His Explanation Went Viral

Meet Tro’Juan Henderson, a 28-year-old Lyft driver working in Texas.

Henderson has fast become one of the internet’s favourite people, after he shared his absolutely brilliant reason for not wanting to give an inebriated woman a ride home on her own, without the company of her friends.

We’ve all been there on a night out – everyone is having a great time, but then one of your friends gets a little too drunk, and the consensus is that they probably need to go home and sleep it off, rather than stay out and risk injury or health problems from consuming yet more alcohol.

So, you call a cab and make sure your friend is in it safely, before heading back to the bar, safe in the knowledge that she is happily on her way home to bed.

Well, it seems like this might not actually be the best course of action.

Henderson has brought attention to a serious issue, after refusing to pick up an inebriated woman in Dallas because she was “intoxicated/unconscious” and intending to travel on her own.

He explains how he asked her two friends to travel with her, going out of his way to offer them a cheaper ride to make the journey more affordable, but they turned the suggestion down, so he canceled the journey.

In a video posted on Twitter, Henderson explains why he doesn’t transport drunk women on their own.

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