Emily Seilhamer just joined the ranks of the Department of…

Emily Seilhamer just joined the ranks of the Department of Extraordinary Upcycling by designing and making a dress using 10,000 Starburst candy wrappers. Along with help from friends and family, Seilhamer spent 4 years gathering enough wrapper to complete her project.

First the wrappers had to be sorted by color and ironed. Then they were folded into links and formed into chains sewn together as a candy wrapper fabric using elastic thread. The edges were sealed with painted underwear elastic and the dress closes in the back with a zipper. Seilhamer also made a pair of Starburst shoes to match her awesome dress.

“My husband and I met when he offered me a pack of Starburst a few years before the project started. As his favorite candy he began to save grocery bags full of wrappers for me… The dress had a nice spot next to the gift table at our wedding almost 2 years ago!”


Visit Emily Seilhamer’s Facebook page to check out more of her creative projects. 

[via Bored Panda]

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