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5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

5 people who had a rougher weekend than you did lr 2 5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

If you woke up with a serious case of the Mondays today, it might be time to put things in perspective.

Here are some individuals who somehow managed to make things much worse for themselves this weekend and/or had some rather unfortunate career setbacks, in full view of the general public.

Just be thankful you’re not one of them, mmkay?

1. Jeff Varner

5 people who had a rougher weekend than you did lr 2 5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

The Survivor contestant, who gained unfavorable notoriety for outing his fellow contestant as transgender, revealed that he was fired from his position as a real estate agent shortly after the now-infamous episode aired on Wednesday.

Varner attempted to circumvent being voted off the island by accusing fellow tribe member, Zeke Smith, of perpetuating a “deception” by not revealing that he was transgender. Not surprisingly, this tactic incited anger amongst Varner’s other teammates, and he was ultimately voted off the island anyway.

Now, the repercussions seem to be following Varner into the real world. He tells Entertainment Tonight that, following the media frenzy, his company unceremoniously terminated his employment without warning:

“As I’m spending hours doing press (on Thursday), I discover I can’t access my email. Then the MLS association emails to say, ‘You’ve been terminated.’ I didn’t even find out from my company. Suddenly my real estate license was inactive and my current clients (were) left in the dark. It took hours after my press junket to get anyone with the company on the phone to tell me personally, and even longer to calm my clients, all of whom, by the way, are coming with me to my new firm….It was an ugly day.”

It’s enough to (almost) make you feel sorry for Varner — even though he’s the one who got himself into this position in the first place, since he tried to avoid losing a reality TV competition by revealing private information about another contestant.

Lesson learned, I guess!

2. Donald Trump

5 people who had a rougher weekend than you did lr 2 5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

Donald Trump is much more likely to have a rough weekend than the rest of us, no matter how much chocolate cake he eats at Mar-a-Lago — but this weekend was especially bruising to the president’s massive ego.

On Saturday, April 15, protestors around the country marched in support of the widely-held sentiment that Donald Trump should release his taxes to the public.

This act apparently enraged the president so much that he went on an ill-advised tweet rant on Sunday, accusing the protestors of being paid for their efforts.

Though this posturing and blustering is a clear attempt at composure in the face of criticism, it’s apparent that these marches succeeded in wounding Trump’s pride (however minor).

3. Radiohead

5 people who had a rougher weekend than you did lr 21 5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

Not everybody at Coachella is having a blissful experience.

This weekend, Radiohead had so many technical glitches during their Coachella performance that they were forced to leave the stage twice during the set.

As Variety reports:

The sound glitches began only three songs into the band’s set, but grew much worse during “In Rainbows” opener “15 Step,” cutting out the final two minutes of the track. The band then left the stage, only to return and have the same problem recur during the song “Let Down,” again forcing them to leave the stage. The crowd also let out an audible gasp the second time.

For the record, Thom Yorke blamed the glitches on “fucking aliens.”

4. Tori Spelling

5 people who had a rougher weekend than you did lr 22 5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

Over the weekend, Page Six learned that the IRS has reportedly drained the bank account of Tori Spelling (daughter of late media mogul Aaron Spelling) and her husband, Dean McDermott.

You may remember Tori in the role of Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210, or perhaps as the original lead in the infamous TV movie, Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?. 

Apparently, Spelling and McDermott have been in deep with the IRS for almost a year now, and it seems as though their money troubles are finally coming to a head (because I guess being related to a multimillionaire doesn’t make you inherently great with money).

According to Page Six:

In July 2016, it was reported that the couple — who had their fifth child in March — were slammed with a federal tax lien for $707,487.30 in unpaid federal taxes for their 2014 bill alone.

Ooof. This is looking even dicier than Donald Trump’s tense tax situation — and that’s really saying something.

5. United Airlines

Oh my God, can’t United stay out of the news for at least a week?

Over the weekend, the airline made even more unflattering headlines when they reportedly kicked a couple off of one of their aircrafts for sitting in the incorrect seats. To make matters worse, the couple was en route to their wedding in Costa Rica.

As ABC News13 reports:

Michael Hohl, the groom, said he and his fiancé, Amber, were the last to board the plane.

According to Hohl, they noticed a man was spread across their row napping when they approached their seats, 24 B and C. 

Not wanting to wake the man, Hohl said they decided to sit a three rows up in seats 21 B and C. He said they didn’t think it would matter because the flight was half full with multiple empty rows.

“We thought ‘Not a big deal, it’s not like we are trying to jump up into a first-class seat,’” Hohl added.”We were simply in an economy row a few rows above our economy seat.”

However, it was apparently a very big deal to United.

The airline accused the pair of “disorderly conduct,” and an air marshal forced them to leave the plane, even though their explanation was fairly reasonable. Although the couple was eventually rebooked for a Sunday flight, the whole shitstorm was a ridiculous misunderstanding that should have never happened, and the incident definitely garnered even more negative publicity for United.

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